I recently returned to walking.

It sounds odd when I put it like that, but bear with me; I’ll explain myself.

There have been times when I’ve found my mood a bit low and my temper a bit short. I spiral into anxious thoughts a bit too easily, and my motivation dips.

And previously, my solution is that I’ve walked.

For hours, some days.

With audiobooks or podcasts in my ears, I’d walk for miles around my local area. Along the canal, the fields, and across the farmland footpaths.

And it helped. My mind became clearer and my mental and physical health was all the better for it.

I didn’t know why at the time; I just knew I felt much better.

I got out of this habit when life became busier.

Although I learnt through my studies as a clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist that exercise, especially outside, is incredibly beneficial for your mental health. I let it slide without meaning to.

Work took over, and I found it more challenging to fit in my walks, which, at one point, were more frequent, if not daily, especially if the weather was good (and in Lancashire, that can be a bit hit-and-miss).

So that all-important work-life balance I talk about with clients became nonexistent for me. 

I failed to consider my own words when discussing self-care with my clients.

I stopped doing what I knew worked for me.

And then one day, I woke up and remembered everything would suffer if I didn’t make time, so I nipped to a local well-known pet shop and bought a lead that goes around my waste and allows me to really stomp and swing my arms and off into the fields Hynodog and I went. Because lately, everything had begun to suffer…

I’d not been sleeping properly, my mood had been like a rollercoaster ride, and my anxious thoughts had been nothing like I’d experienced before, all of which had not been helped because I am perimenopausal.

Exercise is excellent for helping with this, ensuring that I am looking after myself better, prioritising self-care and if necessary, speaking to a specialist to get help.

There is so much evidence about why walking is good for us, physically and mentally. Walking in nature can be especially beneficial for your mental health, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, improving your mood, and boosting your overall well-being.

My journey with this is for another day; however, getting myself back outside and walking again with Hypnodog for the company is undoubtedly excellent medicine.