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Phobia Treatment

A phobia is something someone develops an irrational fear of. For many, it can develop over time from childhood and they’ll not know when it started exactly (spiders for instance) for other people it can have developed after a traumatic experience such as a bad flight leading to a fear of flying.

There is an extensive list of phobias and many are more common than you may think, how we treat them can be very straightforward depending on what the phobia is.

Generally, Phobias are treated with 4 sessions (including the Initial Consultation) however it may be recommended at the Initial Consultation that more sessions are recommended in order for the treatment to be truly effective.

There is absolutely no immersion therapy, you will not be made to ‘face your fear’ or hold what you are scared of (something I have been asked a lot when it has come to spiders and snakes!) this is very much a Solution Focused approach and working towards your goal of how you would like to react if you were in the situation which you would normally respond to with fear.

If you have a phobia of something, like spiders, flying, needles/blood, heights, driving – absolutely anything, get in touch, today can be the day you decide that you would like to consider a future without it!

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