Aughton Hypnotherapy

Aughton Hypnotherapy

Helping you to grow towards the future you want

Welcome To Aughton Hypnotherapy

Here at Aughton Hypnotherapy, I use Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to help you work towards the future you want, whether it is moving forward from a position in life you aren’t happy in, reducing the stress and anxiety in your life, sleeping better, losing some weight, breaking unwanted habits, ridding yourself of phobias or stopping smoking, there are many reasons why people come to Hypnotherapy.

I use a combination of Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy to help you move forward and achieve the goals you want. There is no regression involved, no digging around in the past. We will solely focus on the future you want, the goals you wish to achieve and do so in a positive, gentle and relaxing way.

Based in rural Aughton, Ormskirk the clinic is private and encourages you to feel relaxed from the moment you set foot over the threshold.
Close enough to the A59 for you to get to the clinic but far enough away that you can feel as if you are in an oasis of calm, you will soon be calm and relaxed, leaving day to day life behind whilst we work together to find the solutions you need.

Aughton Hypnotherapy Clinic Room

Jennifer Higgins (She/Her) Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist


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