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At some point in our lives we will experience grief.

Grief happens when we experience the loss of something or someone which means a great deal to us.

We can experience it when we go through a change which perhaps we don’t want or expect and are upset by.

For example:

  • The loss of a loved one.
  • Death of a beloved pet.
  • Breakup of a relationship or divorce.
  • Loss of friendship.
  • A child we didn’t get to hold, or taken from us too soon.
  • Infertility (including unsuccessful fertility treatment)
  • Loss of a job.
  • Grieving because of illness, the changes we go through which are unexpected and difficult to cope with or watch someone we love go through.
  • Perhaps when the children grow up and leave home (empty nest syndrome).
  • When you get married or have a new baby and life changes so much you grieve for your old life.
  • During drastic life changes such as the Covid-19 pandemic where our normal has been taken from us.

Grief is a normal part of life, but how we cope and move forward, through the stages can be tricky to navigate for some.

When we perhaps start to feel stuck in one emotional phase, like sadness or perhaps anger and maybe this is where Hypnotherapy can be beneficial to you.

People express their grief in different ways, you may not be sleeping well, you may be comfort eating, drinking more than usual, be short tempered or overly emotional, anxious and worrying about everything or feel guilt about what has happened. Hypnotherapy can be massively beneficial for all of these symptoms.

Whilst Hypnotherapy won’t “cure your grief” it can help you cope, and help you feel like yourself again.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy encourages you to move from the part of your brain where you dwell on the negative aspects to the positive part of your brain where you are able to think clearer and focus on goals you will set yourself, which will enable you to move from feeling the way you don’t want to feel any more towards a future where you feel able to cope.

I will be here to hold a space for you during this time, to help you through the difficult times.

So you can start to see the light again, and the good times.

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