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Previously, Hypnobirthing was lumped in with and got a very brief mention along with the analgesias in the antenatal education classes and was thought of as being a bit of a hippy thing to do. Deemed to be something only those who were having the “all natural birth” would seek out and practice.

Any birth can be a Hypnobirth, regardless of how and where the baby is born. If the mother is calm, feels in control, has a degree of comfort and has choices about the care she receives and what she would like to do, it can be used very successfully alongside other comfort measures. Every woman is unique.

It is difficult to pinpoint what Hypnobirthing is. It is as much a philosophy for pregnancy and birth as it is a method. The techniques you learn are useful not only for the birth itself but also for the stressful times in pregnancy and early baby days when they won’t sleep and you’re figuring out how to parent and be a new family. The ability to go into a state of deep relaxation is a benefit and a life skill.

Let us not forget the baby.  Calm, confident parents will have a positive effect on their baby. This is a massive bonus.

My background is as Midwife, then I trained as a Hypnobirthing instructor with KG Hypnobirthing (which led me to study to be a Hypnotherapist).

The course I offer is made up of 4 sessions lasting 90 minutes to 2 hours in length, during which I cover:

How your body works and the role of the mind, your hormones, and how the uterus works, relaxation techniques, visualisations for labour, how your partner can help you to relax during labour, the onset of labour (natural and medical induction), medical interventions of labour, what you can do to encourage the baby to get into a good position for birth, how to have a more positive experience even if things don’t go to plan, after the birth and breastfeeding education.

I recommend this course from 20-30 weeks gestation, sessions delivered weekly.

This is not the same as the Calm Pregnancy and Birth Hypnotherapy that I offer, this is a complete Antenatal Preparation course and I provide you with a Parent pack to support the course, tracks to listen to each night to aid relaxation and encourage you to practice each day to aid your ability to get into a deep state of relaxation.

Partners are strongly encouraged to attend with you as this is as much for their benefit as yours so that they can support Mum’s to be and be as prepared as the mum to be is.

I only deliver this course as a private 1-2-1 in my clinic setting depending upon availability.

The cost of my course is £400 with no additional costs for the 4 sessions.

A small deposit is required to secure your course dates, with the full balance to be made 7 days before your first session starts.

Covid-19 update:

As of March 23rd, all sessions are delivered via Zoom online video link, with the parent pack and tracks sent via We Transfer along with any supporting files.

Availability is very limited due to clinic commitments, please book after your first scan/as soon as you feel comfortable.

Please note, if you are Pregnant and experiencing anxiety you may benefit more from Pregnancy and Calm-Birth Hypnotherapy please see here:

Hypnobirthing Testamonials:

Me and my husband did the hypnobirthing course. We wanted a relaxing water birth with as little disruption and distress as possible so that baby would arrive calm and relaxed. We loved our sessions with Jen and gained so much knowledge throughout about every aspect of the birth.

Unfortunately birth didn’t go the way we wanted and it ended in an emergency c section but we stayed calm especially my husband and we had our music playing and practised everything we had learnt and it helped immensely. Baby came out calm and we were talking about who would be leaving strictly while the c section took place! I even managed to snooze between contractions when I was focused and in the zone.

Couldn’t recommend Jen enough!! Xxxx

Ellen, First baby

I contacted Jen when I was around 36 weeks pregnant, I’d had a very difficult pregnancy so I’d left it a little last minute to say the least, however from the second I met her when I stumbled through her door a little stressed she instantly put me at ease and I totally relaxed in her company! 
She was absolutely fantastic, nothing was too much trouble, there was no rush about her, we chatted had coffee and biscuits and went through the sessions in our own time. I chose the intense course due to me being quite late on, but I don’t feel there is anything we didn’t cover. 
One of the best things Jen ever told me was that you do have a voice which when the birth of my beautiful little girl ended up being an emergency just 2 weeks later I certainly used! ? 
I could not recommend her enough, my little one is now 21 weeks and I’m still in touch with her, she’s always on hand if I’ve had any worries or concerns and she’s now become part of our little journey and if I have anymore in the future I would certainly be going back for a refresher! 
Thank you so much for everything,

Beth & Harper ? xXx
First baby

“Jen is amazing. I left my birth prep really late this time as I was deemed a high risk pregnancy and was potentially going to need another c-section. At 36 weeks I was given the all clear to try for a natural birth (VBAC). YIPEE. Now I was determined to have a positive birth experience this time around and wanted to avoid a c section as much as possible (even if I was still high risk). I was sceptical about hypnobirthing assuming it was a bit of a hippy approach, but hey I was willing to try anything. Meeting Jen I realised she was not going to chant at me whilst wafting insense around, phew. So I set about my hypnobirthing training. Jen provided an intensive hypnobirthing course, supported us in writing our birth plan and helping us decide on things to consider for our desired birth process. Jen also empowered us by advising on research and articles to read to inform our decisions and questioning of often very clinical recommendations from the hospital which were in direct opposition to our desired birth plan. This was invaluable so I felt confident and relaxed and empowered once I went into labour.
So equipped with my hypnobirthing training and having spent time each day practising, I absolutely believe this is why I had such a positive birth experience. My labour was really short, my pain relief was 2 paracetamol and I never got my water birth as the staff didn’t realise my labour was so established as I was so calm, focused and in control. Oh and no stitches required. Absolutely credit this to hypnobirthing. Baby Beatrice arrived in about 29 minutes once I started pushing and arrived really chilled out as the whole labour was so relaxed.
Jen thank you for everything. My positive birth has meant I’ve not suffered with baby blues, tiredness (like after my first) or any negative effects. I wish every woman would try hypnobirthing as it makes labour such a positive experience.”

Vivienne, Second baby.

If I could give any new mum or parent advice it would be to sign up to a course with Jen!

My first labour left me and my husband traumatised and what we now know it could have been so different….. I was so scared facing labour again and so grateful we found Jen who taught us how things should be!

My waters broke at 7.30am arrived at hospital at 10.10am and our beautiful boy was born at 10.30am. We were home that night as a family of four happy, content and amazed at the experience. I am still quite shocked how it does actually work…. If we didn’t know hypnobirthing and how it works I know our story would have been similar to last time.

An amazing business and your child’s first investment you will never regret!

Jenni, Second Baby.

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